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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DIT Admission Requirements

The College has an open admissions process, supported by an online system. College Board scores and other entrance examinations are not required. Students are, however, required to take placement tests so that your academic advisor can help you select courses appropriate to your educational goals and background.

Application Process 
To apply for admission, a prospective student needs to:

  • Submit an application to the college and gain acceptance. You will receive a Student ID number.
  • Use this Student ID number to complete a separate application to the Allied Health Department (this is required to enroll in the Dietetics programs).
  • Admission to the Dietetic Technician Program is limited by the availability of clinical sites.
  • Applicants must have a C or better in one year of high school Algebra and Chemistry or the equivalent and be eligible for college-level courses.
  • Students are accepted throughout the year based on meeting eligibility requirements and the date of the application.

See the Dietetic Programs Student Handbook for additional information about the Dietetic Program at CCAC.

Program Costs

  • Current college tuition and fees.
  • Required books and supplies.
  • Transportation and cost related to clinical sites.
  • Fees associated with the required medical evaluation, criminal clearance check, child abuse clearances and other clinical site screens.

Registering for classes
After review by the program director, prospective students will receive written notification of admission. Upon admission to the program, students are required to consult with the program director on course selection and registration. Written permission to register for dietetic program courses (courses with a DIT alpha code) must be provided each semester by the program director. This may be completed in person or via mail or email for students in Internet courses.

Online versus Classroom 
All dietetic programs are fully accessible as either classroom or online programs with the exception of two required courses for the Online Dietetic Technician Program. These two are: CHM-120 Bio-Organic Chemistry and SPH-101 Oral Communication. You may transfer these to CCAC from a local college by earning a C or better grade. Dietary Manager online students may articulate to the Dietary Technician program.