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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

What’s New for 2020-2021

We’re excited to bring you new and updated programs for the 2020-2021 academic year!

New Programs

Barbering, Certificate (751)  

Infant Mental Health Certificate (657)  

Environmental Technician, A.S. (456)  

Updated Programs

Anesthesia Technologist, A.S. (462.2)   Revised Clinical sequence.
Business, CCAC & Indiana University of PA, A.S/ B.S. (097.1)  

Students in this instructional program will be considered jointly enrolled in both institutions at the onset. Students may begin to enroll in IUP courses after they complete the first 30 credits of the CCAC/IUP program (shown in the first two semesters in the course sequence).

Course sequence has been modified; students may be able to earn associate degree at end of second year, and then continue to take CCAC courses while they are taking IUP courses.

Building Construction Estimating, A.S. (515.3) 
Building Construction Supervision, A.S. (514.3)  
Building Construction Technology, A.S. (441.2)  

BLC students may now choose:
ENG-102 or ENG-103 for the English requirement
MAT-191 or MAT-108 for the Math requirement
PSY-116 or PSY-101 for the Social Science requirement
Civil Engineering Technology, A.S. (400.2)  
CET-140 replaces EDD-121 as a requirement
Students may choose ENG-103 or ENG-102 for English requirement
Civil Engineering Technology, Certificate (277.1)   CET-202 replaces EDD-121 as a requirement
Revised course sequence
Education Paraprofessional, A.S. (679.4)   Degree changed from Associate of Arts to Associate of Science
Students may choose any Science with a Lab elective
Electronic Engineering Technology, A.S. (300.2)  

PHY-141 & PHY-142 replaces Technical Physics for enhanced transferability
MAT-108 and MAT-142 or MAT-147 replaces Math for the Technologies
Choose ENG-102 or ENG-103 for the English requirement
Revised course sequence

Global Studies, Certificate (103.2)   Revised course requirements and restricted electives
Added Global Studies code for sections that will be approved with globalization theme
Health & Physical Education, A.S. (020.3)   Restricted electives have been eliminated. Instead, HPE-193 and HPE-205 are now required courses.
Ironworker Apprenticeship, Certificate (289.2)   All one-credit courses replaced with three-credit courses, curriculum update and reorganized topics
Mechatronics Technology, A.S. (722.2)   Added MEC-115 and MEC-125 as Restricted Electives
Multimedia Game Simulation, Certificate (109)   Realigned course sequence to enhance program outcomes
Students may choose between MMC-170 or MMC-228 for design requirement
Multimedia Web Programming, Certificate (104.3)   Realigned course sequence to align with certificate and degree program
Polymer Technology, Certificate (724.1)   Formerly named Plastics Manufacturing
Revised course sequence with two new courses
Certificate is now minimum of 16 credits to graduate; eligible for federal financial aid
Surgical Technologist, A.S. (530.2)   Students may now choose: BIO-123 or ALH-140

New Courses

ALH 221 EKG Application and Advanced Cardiac Resuscitation  
ATE 252 Explorations in Transportation Innovation, Experimental  
Barbering Courses, see Barbering, Certificate (751)  
BIO 181 Biology of Wallops Island, Experimental  
DMS 283 Cardiac Ultrasound for Clinical Professionals  
DMS 284 Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound for Clinical Professionals  
DMS 285 Abdominal and Gynecological Ultrasound for Clinical Professionals  
DMS 286 Advanced Abdomen and Small Parts Ultrasound for Clinical Professionals  
ECD 131 Reflective Supervision: Infant and Toddler  
ECD 209 Introduction to Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health  
ENG 090 Fundamentals of College Writing, Experimental  
ENG 101L English Composition I with Tutorial Writing Lab, Experimental  
ECT 100 Introduction to the Electrical Construction Industry 
Environmental Technician Courses, see Environmental Technician, A.S. (456)  
FCL 109 “It wasn’t Aliens!” Critically analyzing Pseudoarchaeology, Myths and Mysteries in the 21st Century/Experimental  
MAT 075 Union Trade Exam Preparation-Mathematics 
MEC 115 Introduction to Polymers 
MEC 125 Advanced Materials and Processes 
RBT 101 Introduction to Robotics, Experimental  
RBT 102 Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics Training, Experimental  
RBT 105 Robotic Arm Usage & Troubleshooting, Experimental  
SEM 105 College Seminar  
SET 108 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Systems, Experimental  
Ironworker Courses, see Ironworker Apprenticeship, Certificate (289.2)  
THE 156 Shakespeare for the Actor, Experimental  
THE 171 Stage Combat 2: Topics in Armed Combat  

Discontinued Programs

Labor & Management Studies

To be discontinued: Land Administration, Medical Lab Assistant (Medical Lab Technician is still active), Paramedic, Pharmacy Technician

Discontinued Courses

ANE-113C, CJC-209, DMS-245, OTA-206, PHB-102C

What Do These Changes Mean for You?

Updated Programs

Students who are applying for the Fall 2020 term and later must follow the requirements for the updated programs. See the Program Requirements section at Understanding Academic Programs  for more details on these rules. If a student started a program under a former version and has not sat out for more than one year, they will following the requirements for the original program version and catalog year when they started. Any current, continuing student in an inactive program may elect to change to the more recent program version but it not required to do so. See an Academic Advisor if you have any further questions.

Deleted Programs

If the college discontinues a program completely, students currently assigned to the program will be allowed to complete the requirements of the degree or certificate. This option will remain in force for continually enrolled students for the duration of time expected for the program (normally two years for an associate degree or one year for a certificate).