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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CLR 105 - Supervision and Training

Credits: 3
3 Lecture Hours

This course introduces students to the management functions of supervision, leadership, hiring and training staff in the foodservice industry.  Students explore various management theories and styles, with an emphasis on communication, motivation, training, team building and employee development.  Labor laws and regulations are reviewed.  Students develop foodservice training materials for a restaurant of their design.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:

  1. Contrast management theory and styles.
  2. Differentiate between management, supervision and leadership.
  3. Choose appropriate management styles based upon circumstances.
  4. List the role and functions of a supervisor.
  5. Classify the operational functions of a foodservice operation.
  6. Identify laws and regulations related to management and supervision.
  7. Develop a foodservice organizational chart.
  8. Write a training manual for a foodservice operation.
Listed Topics
  1. Management theory
  2. Role of manager and supervisor
  3. Leadership
  4. Motivating staff
  5. Organizational structure
  6. Hiring staff
  7. Problem solving and decision making
  8. Conflict resolution
  9. Training programs
  10. Labor laws and regulations
Reference Materials
Instructor-approved textbook and materials
Students who successfully complete this course acquire general knowledge, skills and abilities that align with CCAC’s definition of an educated person. Specifically, this course fulfills these General Education Goals:
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Approved By: Dr. Quintin B. Bullock Date Approved: 3/12/2021
Last Reviewed: 3/12/2021

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