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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog
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STI 133 - Structural Ironworking 1

Credits: 3
2 Lecture Hours 2 Lab Hours

This course introduces structural steel components and erection methods.  Proficiency in presented concepts is developed through classroom instruction and hands-on projects.  Instruction focuses on identifying structural shapes and connections.  Focus is on the importance of the individual responsibilities of ironworkers in structural steel erection and how each role should be carried out.  A basic understanding of cranes and rigging is addressed. Evaluations are made using written and performance assessments.   Emphasis is placed on knowledge and application of safe industry practices throughout the course.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:


  1. Identify and use the basic tools used in structural steel erection.
  2. Describe the different tasks that ironworkers perform during structural erection process.
  3. Interpret basic information on a structural blueprint.
  4. Perform the basic steel erection tasks of bolting, plumbing and decking.
  5. Identify different types of cranes and their components.
  6. Direct the operation of a crane using basic hand signals.
  7. Apply the five basic knots used in ironworking.
  8. List and properly execute the basic hitches used when rigging with wire rope slings.
Listed Topics
  1. Structural tools
  2. Ironworker responsibilities
  3. Introduction to steel erection
  4. Basic rigging
Reference Materials
Ironworkers Structural Steel Erection - Reference Manual
Ironworkers Structural Steel Erection - Student Workbook
Students who successfully complete this course acquire general knowledge, skills and abilities that align with CCAC’s definition of an educated person. Specifically, this course fulfills these General Education Goals:
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Approved By: Dr. Quintin B. Bullock Date Approved: 2/27/2020
Last Reviewed: 2/27/2020

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