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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENG 104 - The Basics of APA Style, Experimental

Credits: 1
1 Lecture Hours

This is a course that introduces students to the basics of the American Psychological Association Style. The course will help students of the behavioral sciences and other related fields apply rules of APA style in writing research reports and other relevant documents. The course will follow the organization of the sixth edition of the APA Publication Manual, providing a comprehensive overview of manuscript elements.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:

  1. Identify types of articles associated with social science research and related fields.
  2. Identify APA manuscript structure and content.
  3. Identify mechanics of style requirements, including punctuation, capitalization, italics and the use of numbers.
  4. Identify APA guidelines for displaying results, including guidance on creating tables and figures.
  5. Identify and develop APA style in crediting sources in text and in creating a reference list.
  6. Apply appropriate APA style to a research report.

 Listed Topics

  1. Manuscript structure and content
  2. APA style headings
  3. APA language
  4. Mechanics of style, including punctuation, capitalization, italics and the use of numbers.
  5. Tables and figures
  6. In-text citations
  7. References list
  8. Online and print sources
  9. Research report writing
  10. Digital Object Identifier
Reference Materials
Publication Manual of APA, 61 edition and Mastering APA Style: Student’s Workbook and Training Guide, 61

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