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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multimedia Programming, Simulation & Gaming, A.S. (108)

Associate of Science

The Multimedia Programming, Simulation and Gaming degree provides skills and knowledge across a broad range of careers in the gaming industry, including independent game developer, computer programming, game designer, product manager, video game tester, application developer and simulation programmer. Students will learn technical training including game development, animation software tools, digital imaging and programming.

Students pursuing careers in the gaming industry most often require a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and it is recommended that they transfer to four-year institutions in order to pursue competitive employment opportunities. Students will develop a portfolio while completing the degree to show prospective employers and transfer counselors.

Students who successfully complete CCAC's Multimedia Web Programming certificate (104) will be able to apply 12 of their credits to the Multimedia Programming, Simulation and Gaming Associate degree.1

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

  1. Apply 2D and 3D animation concepts to design and develop a single-level game.
  2. Utilize programming skills to create simulation and animation.
  3. Create a game and simulation from concept to completion.
  4. Utilize Maya, Blender and Action Script in simulation and game programming.
  5. Communicate effectively and appropriately with team members and players in the development of games and simulation.

Credits may be articulated for courses completed in high school career and technology programs.

Degree Requirements

Total: 16 Credits

Total: 16 Credits

Total: 16 Credits

Total: 14 Credits

Minimum Credits to Graduate: 62

1 The four courses from the Multimedia Web Programming certificate which can be applied to this degree are the following: Web Development (CIT 125 ), Developing Images for the Web (MMC 111 ), Audio and Video for the Web (MMC 112 ) and Programming with JavaScript, JQuery and Action Script (MMC 150 ).