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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

RAD Mission and Outcomes

Community College of Allegheny County Boyce Campus Radiologic Technology Associate Degree Program is committed to produce competent entry-level radiographers that perform within the health care industry.

RAD Program Assessment Plan  

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RAD Program Completion Rates  

Program Goals:

  • Function as competent, technically proficient entry-level technologists who can apply and
    perform safe patient care radiation protection practices according to industry standards.
  • Utilize safe methods to provide patients with minimized radiation dose levels during imaging procedures.
  • Operate diagnostic imaging X-ray units to meet standardized protocols under the direction of radiologists.
  • Manipulate equipment functions to produce quality radiographic images.
  • Exhibit professional characteristics required by the radiologic technology profession.

Goals measured to meet Program Goals:

  • Students and graduates will be clinical competent.
  • Students will assess situations; employ critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Students will demonstrate professionalism.
  • Students will communicate to meet industry standards.

Student/Graduate Learning Outcomes assessed to meet Program and Student Goals

Clinical Competency:

  • Students will manipulate radiography equipment to meet industry standards.
  • Students will select exposure factors that are appropriate for radiographic examinations.
  • Students will properly position patients for radiographic examinations.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving:

  • Students will identify exposure factors necessary to produce diagnostic radiographs when the SID changes.
  • Students will perform alternative patient positions for extremity trauma procedures.
  • Students will perform portable bedside radiography to meet patient’s needs.


  • Students will demonstrate professional behaviors required by a radiographer at all times.
  • Students will complete the program.
  • Students will attend a professional society event before graduation.

Communication Skills:

  • Students will communicate with Radiologists all the patient care requirements as documented in a medical chart.
  • Students will perform a literature review that meets industry standards for a research paper.

Updated: February 2016

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