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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 130 - Photography 1

Credits: 3
5 Studio Hours

This course is a survey of the aesthetics and history of photography. Methods of camera operation, lighting, exposure, darkroom procedures, printing and enlarging are studied. The criterion of visual images as communication is stressed. An inexpensive 35mm reflex camera is needed for this course.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:

  1. Relate the evolution of photography through historical progress.
  2. Define and apply the terminology used in photography.
  3. Demonstrate the order and methods used in film processing development.
  4. Illustrate and demonstrate basic darkroom techniques (Print).
  5. Demonstrate various methods of photographic presentation.
  6. Employ photography as a means of personal and photograph commercial expression
Listed Topics
  1. Historical survey of photography from Camera Obscura to modern digital advancements
  2. Primary elements of the camera mechanics, along with basic components that support proper film exposure, proper film and paper development to basic print manipulation
  3. Outline the photographic design elements that construct an image
  4. Review proper methods of exhibiting photographs
  5. Conduct assignment critiques as a group to further comprehension
Reference Materials
Textbook, film and slides, as they relate to the various assignments/photographic topics.
Specific handouts outlining the topic, technique and skill required.
Approved By: Sutin, Stewart Date Approved: 12/13/2006

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