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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AVT 225 - Multi-Engine Flight

Credits: 1
1 Lecture Hours

Prerequisites: AVT 105  
Co-requisites: AVT 220  

This course is an FAA 141 approved fixed base operator will give multi-engine flight training in modern twin-engine aircraft. The course is designed to give a pilot a minimum of 10 hours of flight instruction, including 10 hours of oral instruction and briefing. The student must successfully complete the FAA Multi-engine Pilot Rating Flight Exam. The FAA required minimum flight hours in this course are 10 hours; however, the actual flight hours may vary based on student proficiency.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:

  1. Pass the FAA Multi-engine practical exam resulting in the issuance of an FAA multi-engine rating.
  2. Demonstrate the application of proper preflight procedures.
  3. Apply the use of checklists for both normal and non-normal procedures.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to execute to FAA practical test standards multi-engine maneuvers.
  5. Demonstrate proper cockpit resource management in the operation of multi-engine aircraft.
Listed Topics
  1. Preflight and multi-engine aircraft performance calculation
  2. Checklist and system integration
  3. Normal operations
  4. FAA multi-engine certification maneuvers
  5. Non-normal (emergency) procedures
  6. Cockpit / crew resource management
Reference Materials
Jeppesen Multi-Engine Kit, FAR/AIM
Approved By: Bullock, Quintin Date Approved: 05/15/2015

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