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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work Foundation, A.S. (630.4) ♦

Allegheny, North, South
Associate of Science

This program prepares you to work in community and social service agencies.

Graduates work as paraprofessionals in group homes, drug and alcohol treatment centers and other social service agencies. However, it is highly recommended that CCAC students obtain their Associate degree and transfer to an accredited Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program. CCAC has developed partnerships with many accredited BSW programs; therefore students should explore opportunities to continue their education.

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

  1. Employ social work terminology appropriately.
  2. Identify the core values of the social work profession.
  3. Define the major elements of the social work profession.
  4. Examine the main theoretical perspectives of social work.
  5. Assess diversity and its relevance to the social work practice.
  6. Utilize technology including web-based resources, for the purpose of education, advocacy, research and practice
  7. Apply critical thinking skills within the context of professional social work practice.

Social Work Core Competencies

CCAC social work faculty is committed to providing students with the opportunity to learn and fundamentally apply the following ten core competencies:

  1. Professional identify
  2. Ethical practice
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Diversity in practice
  5. Human rights and justice research-based practice
  6. Research and practice
  7. Human behavior
  8. Policy practice
  9. Practice context
  10. Encouragement, assessment, intervention and evaluation of social work practices

(Council of Social Work Education)

The 10 core competencies are learned in each social work course and are assessed by the instructor through multiple methods.

Degree Requirements

Total: 15 credits

Total: 17 credits

Total: 16 credits

Total: 15–16 credits

Minimum Credits to Graduate: 63–64

Transfer Opportunities

The keystone icon indicates that this particular CCAC program is a Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (TAOC) approved Associate Degree program. All credits earned in this program are accepted by any state system college in Pennsylvania that offers a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, including California University of Pennsylvania , Carlow University, Clarion University of Pennsylvania , Edinboro University of Pennsylvania , Indiana University of Pennsylvania  and Slippery Rock University .

Other articulation agreements are available for students to complete the Associate Degree and transfer to Chatham University , La Roche University , Point Park University  and University of Pittsburgh . It is important that students consult with a counselor early in their program to develop a course plan most appropriate for the school to which they intend to transfer. See www.ccac.edu/articulation for details.