Apr 21, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

What’s New for 2024-2025

We’re excited to bring you new and updated programs for the 2024-2025 academic year!

New Programs

Building Automation Systems, Certificate (726)  
Front-End Web Development, Certificate (107)  

Updated Programs

Program Changes to the Program
ASEP/ASSET/CAP Manufacturer Automotive Technology Program, A.A.S. (507.4)   Moved Humanities elective from 4th semester to Summer semester; English Elective is clarified as any English course.
Automotive Technology Program, A.A.S. (349.4)   Moved Humanities elective from 4th semester to Summer semester; English Elective is clarified as any English course.
Business, TAOC Transfer, A.S. (004A) ♦   Calculus course no longer required. In first semester MAT-108 or higher; MAT-102 or MAT-142 receommended, MAT-195 excluded. The other math course, MAT-165 or MAT-161 was moved to last semester.
Computer Information Systems, A.S. (050.4)   Requirement for science in a sequence has been removed. Students must complete two 4-credit science courses with a lab.
Dietetics - UPDATE PENDING APPROVAL Update will be published after College Council approval - check back soon.For Science requirement, students will be able to choose from CHM-151 or CHM-120.
Film Technician, A.S. (128.1)    Changed Restrictive Elective to allow for ANY FLM course and added choice for two PSY courses.
Film Technician, Certificate (126.2)   Changed Restrictive Elective to allow for ANY FLM course and added choice for two PSY courses.
Nuclear Medicine Technology, Certificate (560.1)   Moved ALH-140 to program pre-requisite. Added BIO-212 to First Semester; Added PHY-126 to Second Semester; Moved BIO-241 to Summer semester. Minimum credits to graduate increased to 43.
Psychology, A.A. (053.4) ♦   Students are no longer required to complete PSY-290 for improved transfer; MAT-108 (or equivalent) needs to be 4 credits.
Surgical Technologist, A.S. (530.2)   Math requirement changed to MAT-106 or MAT-108 (or equivalent).
Technical Theatre, Certificate (125.1)    Removed THE-221 as a requirement and replaced with list of Restricted Electives
Theatre, A.S. (025.3)   THE-293CP or 296CP replaced by THE-130P or THE-293CP.

New Courses

Building Automation Courses - see Building Automation Systems, Certificate (726)  

ENG 110 - Writing for the Trades & Technical Occupations in Applied Science  
MMC 114 - Web Processes and Production  
MMC 115 - Web Publication Practices  
MMC 227 - User Interface Design for Web Users  

New Subject-Discipline Code

All GGY (Geology) courses have been moved to PHS discipline.

Modified Course Pre-requisites

JRN 101 - Introduction to Journalism  
JRN 102 - Fundamentals of News Reporting  

Deleted Programs

Civil Engineering Technology, A.S. (400.3)
Civil Engineering Technology, Certificate (277.2)
Computer Aided Design, A.S. (422.2)
Computer Aided Design, Certificate (717.2)
Electronic Engineering Technology, A.S. (300.3)
Electronics Technician, Certificate (299.3)
Engineering Science, A.S. (093.1)
Engineering Technology, A.S. (094.2)
Environmental Technician, A.S. (456)
Green & Sustainable Building Design, Certificate (490.1)

Deleted Courses

ACC 110 Accounting Applications
CIT 181 Principles of Information Security
CIT 255 Web Server Administration
EDD 100 Blueprint Reading
EDD 101 Engineering Drawing 1
EDD 102 Engineering Drawing 2
EDD 141 Structural Drafting
EDD 221 Parametric Modeling 2
EDD 222 Customizing the CAD Environment
EDD 230 Architectural Drafting
EDD 245 Advanced Engineering Drawing
EET 106 Fundamentals of Microcompressors
EET 107 Introduction to Microcontrollers
EET 130 Introduction to Telecommunications
EET 202 Electronics 2
EET 214 Electrical Engineering Circuits 2
EET 241 Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation
EGR 130 Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems
EGR 150 Statics
EGR 217 Soils in Construction
EGR 219 Site Plan Development
FLM 101 Survey of the Film Industry
FLM 102 Production Design for Film
FLM 111 Introduction to Film Technician
HAC 222 Pneumatic Controls for HVAC
HLS 205 Intro Homeland Security Grant Writing/Mngt

Updates to Policies and Content

The Priority Registration scheduling process have been updated to include Student Athletes and International Students on the second day of priority registration, along with Honors students. See Registration Procedures for more details on Priority Registration.

What Do These Changes Mean for You?

Updated Programs

Students who are applying for the Fall 2024 term and later must follow the requirements for the updated programs. See the Program Requirements section at Understanding Academic Programs  for more details on these rules. If a student started a program under a former version and has not sat out for more than one year, they will following the requirements for the original program version and catalog year when they started. Any current, continuing student in an inactive program may elect to change to the more recent program version but it not required to do so. See an Academic Advisor if you have any further questions.

Deleted Programs

If the college discontinues a program completely, students currently assigned to the program will be allowed to complete the requirements of the degree or certificate. This option will remain in force for continually enrolled students for the duration of time expected for the program (normally two years for an associate degree or one year for a certificate).