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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Advanced Standing for Certifications or Training

Selected CCAC programs offer advanced standing for a variety of licensures, certifications or training programs.

Certifications and Licensures

For any of these advanced standings, students must submit proof of certification/ completion to the Director of Registration at your campus. Credit will be awardes in a preliminary status. Upon completion of at least one credit, approved courses will be posted to the student's official academic transcript.

Licensure or Training Program(s) of Study Advanced Standing
Act 120 Police Training Certificate Criminology and Criminal Justice

CCAC students who have completed the Police Training Certificate will be awarded 15 credits as follows:

Allegheny County Bureau of Corrections 

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Homeland Security

CCAC students who have completed the Basic Training curriculum offered by the Allegheny County Bureau of Corrections will be awarded nine credits as follows:

State Certified Police Academy Criminology and Criminal Justice, Homeland Security

Completion Certificate from a State Certified Policy Academy will be awarded CJC 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice ( 3 Credits)  

PA Firefighter 1 Certification  Fire Science

PA Firefighter 1 certification will be awarded FSA 102 - Principle of Emergency Services ( 3 Credits)  

PA Emergency Medical Technician Certificate Paramedic

PA Certified EMT will be awarded HLS 203 - Emerg Medical Services/Health Services Orient ( 3 Credits)  

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Nursing

Students applying for the LPN–RN transition program must have a current, valid LPN license from the state of Pennsylvania at the time of application.

Paramedic Certification

Paramedic, Associate Degree or Certificate

Certified paramedics desiring to obtain their PAM Associate Degree at CCAC may receive advanced standing for Paramedic courses if they can successfully document current and valid certification from:

  • PA Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services AND/OR
  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

These students would currently be awarded 36 credits encompassing all PAM courses. See Advanced Standing - Certified Paramedics  

IT Certifications Computer Information Technology, Information Technology Support, Software Development, Cybersecurity

Various certification programs are recognized by CCAC as having the equivalent knowledge of certain CIT courses, and can be used to meet the prerequisites of other courses or advanced standing towards the requirements of a degree or certificate. Includes credit for CIT100 through ICDL testing, available at Goodwill's private licensed school.

Culinary Arts, Bidwell Training Center Culinary Arts Students may receive up to 15 credits in Culinary Arts. See Advanced Standing - Bidwell Culinary Arts .
Culinary Arts, Community Kitchen Pittsburgh Culinary Arts Students may receive up to 15 credits in Culinary Arts. See Advanced Standing - Community Kitchen Pittsburgh .
Federal Aviation Administration FAA certifications Aviation Management, Aviation Technology, Private Pilot Based on specific FAA certifications, students may either waive or receive college credit for specific certifications. See the Aviation Course Matrix: Advanced Standing - FAA Aviation Certifications .

Corporate Training programs

Corporate training can be evaluated for the awarding of college credit, based on American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. The Director of Registration and Advisement may consider training and certifications that hold ACE recommendations for the awarding of equivalent CCAC credit courses.Official proof of certification or completion of training is required by the Director of Registration and Advisement at your campus.

McDonalds Corporate Training


Food Service Management

Students completing McDonalds Corporation management training can receive college credit for BUS 101 - Introduction to Business ( 3 Credits) , BUS 103 - Principles of Management ( 3 Credits) , BUS 200 - Principles of Supervision ( 3 Credits) , BUS 201 - Human Resource Management ( 3 Credits) , FLR 102 - Foodservice 1 ( 3 Credits) , FLR 108 - Food Safety and Sanitation ( 3 Credits) . For detailed equivalencies, see Advanced Standing - McDonalds Corporate Training .