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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Programs

Transfer programs correspond to specific majors at four-year institutions, and each major has its own requirements. To be sure students are meeting requirements for the major and school to which they intend to transfer, we urge them to meet as early as possible with a transfer counselor.

University Parallel Programs

Business, A.S. (004.2) ♦  
Business, A.S. Non-TAOC option  
Liberal Arts and Sciences A.S. (006.2)  
Mathematics & Sciences, A.S. (003.2)  

Students may also choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree through the CCAC/IUP partnership. See . Students in this instructional program will be considered jointly enrolled in both institutions. Students may begin to enroll in IUP courses located at CCAC Boyce Campus after they complete the first 30 credits of the CCAC/IUP program. See Business, CCAC & Indiana University of PA, A.S/ B.S. (097.1) 

Transfer Programs

Accounting, A.S. (105)  
Art, A.S. (026) ♦  
Biology, A.S. (031.3) ♦  
Biotechnology, A.S. (416.6)  
Chemistry, A.S. (035.1) ♦  
Computer Information Systems, A.S. (050.4) ♦  
Early Education & Child Development, A.S. (621.6) ♦  
Engineering Science, A.S. (093.1)  
Engineering Technology, A.S. (094.1)  
Health & Physical Education, A.S. (020.3)  
Manufacturing Technology, A.S. (705.5)  
Music, A.S. (018.1)  
Physics, A.S. (047.1) ♦  
Psychology, A.A. (053.4) ♦  
Social Sciences, A.A. (059.2)  
Social Work Foundation, A.S. (630.4) ♦  
Teacher Education: Middle Level & Secondary, A.A. (099.4)  
Theatre, A.S. (025.2) ♦