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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix F Student Residency Classification


Residency requirements have been established for the purpose of assessing tuition and related fees.
The requirements are set forth as follows:

RESIDENCE (DOMICILE) shall mean a person’s true, fixed and permanent home, to which a person intends to return.

  1. Students moving to Pennsylvania from outside the state must reside in Pennsylvania for one year before becoming eligible for in-state tuition. A residence (domicile) established for the purpose of attending an educational institution or qualifying for resident status for tuition purposes shall not of itself constitute residence. Exceptions may be made for students moving to Pennsylvania/Allegheny County if they can demonstrate an intent to remain in Pennsylvania/Allegheny County for purposes other than attending school. These exceptions may include:

a. A move for full-time employment, which will require a written statement from the student’s or spouse’s employer (or the parent’s employer if the student is a dependent).

b. A student who can prove financial independence as part of establishing residency.

  1. The residency of a dependent student under the age of 22 (as defined by the IRS) is determined by the parent’s residence.
  2. Students must prove changes in status by presenting appropriate documentation as listed on the Residency Appeal Form.
  3. All documentation for proof of residency must be submitted along with the Residency Appeal Form to the Director of Registration BEFORE the start date of the first class of the semester in which the student is registered.
  4. Students who are not United States citizens and have non-immigrant visas or lack a visa are not considered to be domiciled in Pennsylvania, but they may appeal this status by presenting clear and convincing evidence of a change in status.
  5. A United States government employee who was a resident of Pennsylvania immediately preceding entry into government service and who has continuously maintained Pennsylvania as his or her declared legal residency shall be presumed to be a Pennsylvania resident.
  6. CCAC provides in-state, in-county tuition rates to all military member/veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependents. Students who are out of state who wish to claim in-state, in-county status via military, veteran or dependent status must verify their affiliation with U.S. Armed Services with the Military and Veterans Services office on their campus. Verification must be received BEFORE the start date of the student’s first class of the semester to be eligible for in-county tuition for that semester.

Residency status cannot be changed after the first class session or for previously completed semesters except in the clear case of college error.