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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

American Sign Language and Interpreter Training

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sign language

Coordinating Dean: Dr. Anthony Mansueto,


Jennifer Flaggs, Interpreting coordinator,
MJ Shahen, American Sign Language Coordinator,

Dr. Mary Jo Guercio oversees Professional Development for Current Interpreters. She may be reached by phone at 412-237-2723  or by email at

Credit Programs and Professional Development Workshops Offered

CCAC offers sign language and interpreting programs. The credit program is offered for students interesting in becoming educational interpreters and/or community interpreters. Additionally, we offer non-credit professional development courses for current interpreters, details are below:

Interpreting Credit Associate Degree

Non-Credit Workshops: Offering ASL, Culture and Interpreter Professional Development

Financial Aid Provided to Eligible Students

No Financial Aid offered to students

900 Hours

175 Hours

For Educational Interpreting and Community Interpreting careers for an accredited degree

Professional development workshops and classes

Associate Degree awarded

No Associate Degree awarded, certificate of completion provided.

Evening Program

Evening and Weekend Program

180 hour practicum required part of program. Day hours may be required, especially for K-12 educational interpreting practicum. Practicum sites provided by CCAC.

No practicum provided/required.



    American Sign Language & CultureInterpreter for the Deaf Training

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