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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Coordinating Dean: Dr. Troy Moran, tmoran@ccac.edu


Waseem Ahmed, Professor, Boyce Campus, wahmed@ccac.edu
Sandra Callan, Ed. Tech, Allegheny Campus, scallan@ccac.edu
Brian Chiodo, Associate Professor, Allegheny Campus, bchiodo@ccac.edu
Rocco Commisso, Professor, South Campus, rcommisso@ccac.edu
Adam Davis, Associate Professor, Allegheny Campus, adavis@ccac.edu
John Dziak, Professor, Allegheny Campus, jdziak@ccac.edu
Caroline Evans, Professor, Allegheny Campus, cevans@ccac.edu
Robert Ficco, Assistant Professor, Allegheny Campus, rficco@ccac.edu
Margaret Hines, Ed. Tech, North Campus, mhines@ccac.edu
Joanna Kazmierczak, Professor, Allegheny Campus, jkazmierczak@ccac.edu
Heather Klenovich, Associate Professor, Allegheny Campus, hklenovich@ccac.edu
John Law, Professor, Allegheny Campus, jlaw@ccac.edu
Margery Lentz, Ed. Tech, Boyce Campus, mlentz@ccaca.edu
Rachael Leonard, Professor, North Campus, rleonard2@ccac.edu
Francis Maxin, Professor, Allegheny Campus, fmaxin@ccac.edu
Debora Misencik, Professor, South Campus, dmisencik@ccac.edu
Patrick Murphy, Ed. Tech, South Campus, pmurphy@ccac.edu
Juanita Plaskon, Professor, Boyce Campus, jplaskon@ccac.edu
Valjean Rossman, Professor, South Campus, vrossman@ccac.edu
Najiba Tursonzadah, Instructor, Boyce Campus, ntursonzadah@ccac.edu
Kalina White, Professor, Allegheny Campus, kwhite@ccac.edu
Michael Zdilla, Associate Professor, South Campus, mzdilla@ccac.edu

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