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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, A.S. LPN to RN Option

Students applying for the LPN-RN transition program must have a current, valid LPN license from the state of Pennsylvania at the time of application.

English, mathematics, science and social science electives must be completed with a C grade or better prior to admission to the nursing program.  All science and developmental courses must have been completed with a grade of C or better by the third attempt.  Attempts include withdrawals and incompletes.

Students must complete 68 credits, not including prerequisites, with at least 30 credits being completed in CCAC classes.

The student may transfer all non-nursing requirements taken through the three nursing semesters (total of 29 credits).  Students will still need to take at least one (1) additional credit at CCAC to have the required 30 CCAC credits.

Credits from other colleges and universities can be evaluated when those official transcripts are received in the Registration and Advisement Office, but may not be posted until the student has successfully completed his/her first term in the program. 

Students must have a grade point average of 2.8 or greater from college transcripts.

Degree Requirements

Program Pre-Requisites

It is strongly recommended that ALL non-nursing courses be completed prior to beginning any nursing course.

LPN Advanced Standing

LPN License= Eight (8) credits for NUR-110 and NUR-120.

The Dean of Nursing approves the LPN advanced standing for these introductory courses.  Those eight credits will be posted after successful completion of NUR 130  and NUR 140 .

Total: 19 credits


Total: 4 credits

Total: 13 credits

Total: 13 credits

Minimum Credits to Graduate: 68

Biology Pre-requisites

1 Pre-requisite examination or courses to BIO 161  , Anatomy & Physiology: