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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hospitality Operations Management, Certificate (677)


This certificate program prepares students for foodservice, lodging and recreation management positions in the growing global industry of hospitality and hospitality-related businesses.  Career opportunities include lodging facilities, foodservice facilities, event planning, casinos, campgrounds, sports venues, amusement parks, cruise ships, resorts, clubs and healthcare hospitality management. 

All courses are offered online, which provides flexibility for students in completing program requirements.  Graduates of the certificate program may continue their education and earn an associate degree in Hospitality Operations Management.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate the professional, ethical behavior, communication and interpersonal skills required in the hospitality industry.
  2. Analyze communication, selection, training, management and motivation of employees.
  3. Manage through planning, arranging, organizing, and evaluating operations of hospitality establishments.
  4. Utilize industry terminology, financial controls and legal aspects of hospitality establishments.