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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business, CCAC & Indiana University of PA, A.S/ B.S. (097)

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All CCAC Campus and IUP
Associate Of Science (CCAC)
Bachelor Of Science (IUP at Boyce Campus)

(See below for Bachelor Degree Tracks available) Students in this instructional program will be considered jointly enrolled in both institutions, once they qualify for admission and will continue as joint institutional students until they complete the program. This program is limited to CCAC students who are candidates for the Associate of Science degree in the University Parallel Business Program (004).

Upon successful completion of the CCAC Associate of Science degree, the graduate will:

  1. Demonstrate business concepts in the areas of marketing, management, finance, accounting and the external business environments.
  2. Explain major concepts and elements of the global environment.
  3. Solve business problems through analysis and critical thinking.
  4. Demonstrate competency in oral and written communications such as standard business communications, memos, programs and reports.
  5. Discriminate between valid and invalid sources of information as a means of reporting on current trends in business.

See the following five tracks available for the Bachelor of Science degree:

  1. Bachelor of Science – IUP Accounting  
  2. Bachelor of Science – IUP General Management  
  3. Bachelor of Science – IUP Marketing  
  4. Bachelor of Science – IUP double major in General Management and Human Resource Management  
  5. Bachelor of Science – IUP, double major in General Management and Marketing  

Suggested CCAC Course Sequence

Total: 16-17 Credits

Total: 16 Credits

Total: 17-18 Credits

Total: 16 Credits

Junior, First Semester

Total: 7 Credits

Junior, Second Semester

Total CCAC Credits: 75–77

¹ BIO-117 Introduction to Nutrition may not be used as a non-lab science

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