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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Carlow University

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

CCAC graduates who earn the AS in Business Management degree and who meet admission requirements to Carlow University and provisions of this agreement may enter Carlow as a junior. Carlow will accept all credits earned with a C or above to the Associate degree up to a maximum of 88 credits.

View full articulation agreement: Carlow University - Business Articulation Agreement  

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media

CCAC graduates who earn the AS in Multimedia, Simulation and Gaming will be granted junior standing at Carlow University to complete the remaining requirements of the Communication and Media program.

View full articulation agreement: Carlow University Communications & Media Articulation Agreement  

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education with PreK - 4th grade certification
Bachelor of Arts in Early Development and Learning (EDLE)

Students may enroll in the Joint Admissions program between CCAC and Carlow University, specifically for students in the Associate Degree degree in Early Childhood Education. Students are simultaneously admitted into the BA program at Carlow and are guaranteed admission to the Bachelor of Arts program upon completion of the Associate Degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. 

View full articulation agreement: Carlow University Joint Admission Early Childhood Education  

Bachelor of Science in Management in Health Services
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

CCAC graduates who have earned the Associate of Science degree in one of the 25 allied health majors at CCAC may pre-plan their college careers and transfer to Carlow University to complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree at Carlow University. Transfer scholarships and Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available to assist qualified students.

View full articulation agreement: Carlow University Allied Health Articulation Agreement  
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Upon admission to the Associate of Science Degree in nursing at CCAC, students can be simultaneously admitted into the RN to BSN program at Carlow University. Admission to Carlow University is guaranteed provided the student completes the Associate Degree in nursing with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and have successfully passed the NCLEX exam.

View full articulation agreement: Carlow University BSN Nursing Articulation Agreement  

Multiple PATRAC Degrees

As CCAC and Carlow University are signatories to the PA-TRAC agreements administered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this agreement confirms the transfer opportunities afforded to CCAC transfer students. Students who earn any of 14 Associate Degrees at CCAC may seamlessly transfer to one of 29 programs at Carlow University, and can transfer all credits earned with C or better toward the Associate Degree, up to a maximum of 88 credits.

View full articulation agreement:Carlow University Multiple PA TRAC Programs Articulation Agreement  

Bachelor of Science, Biology Perfusion Technology
Bachelor of Science, Social Work
Bachelor of Science, Accounting
Bachelor of Science, Business Management
Bachelor of Science, Information Technology& Management

Students enrolled in UP University Parallel programs at CCAC, who complete all requirements for the designated Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees can transfer to Carlow University in the following programs: BS Biology/Perfusion Technology, BS Social Work, BS Accounting, BS Business Management, BS Information Technology & Management. Students should work with a CCAC transfer counselor as early as possible to help the student submit a letter of intent to Carlow University. Carlow University requires student to maintain an overall overage of 2.00 GPA and satisfy all other Carlow University admission requirement. Specific course equivalencies are available in the transfer counselor offices.

View full articulation agreement: Carlow University BS BIO SOW ACC BUS CIT Articulation Agreement  

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