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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art, A.S. (026) ♦

Allegheny, Boyce, North, South
Associate of Science

The Art program prepares the student for transfer to a four-year institution with a broad college background demonstrating personal skill and knowledge in art.

Upon completion of this program, graduates may find employment as an art administrator, art educator, studio artist, set designer, museum or gallery assistant, etc.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will:

  1. Develop a portfolio suitable for employment, transfer to a four-year institution or artistic development.
  2. Develop visual communication skills.
  3. Demonstrate technical and perceptual skills.
  4. Use principles of design.
  5. Use color theory.
  6. Use current technology as it applies to the arts.
  7. Analyze in order to render 2D forms via line, value and perspective.
  8. Use art history to develop visual arts vocabulary and critical thinking skills, in a verbal and written manner.
  9. Analyze three-dimensional forms.
  10. Analyze visual images and objects.

Degree Requirements

Total: 15 Credits

Total: 15 Credits

Total: 15-16 Credits

Total: 18-19 Credits

Minimum Credits to Graduate: 63–65

1 Students should take a minimum of 18 additional credits or six additional courses in studio art and art history, emphasizing the area of the Bachelor’s degree or related fields of knowledge.

2 Students should take a minimum of three credits or one course in dance, music or theatre.

Major Concentrations—drawing/painting, ceramics, three-dimensional media, photography or electronic media. Check campus for media capability.

See the academic advisor and art faculty for specific program requirements among these art electives.

Transfer Opportunities

The keystone icon indicates that this particular CCAC program is a Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (TAOC) approved Associate Degree program. All credits earned in this program are accepted by any state system college in Pennsylvania that offers a Bachelor’s degree in Art, including California University of Pennsylvania , Carlow University , Clarion University of Pennsylvania , Edinboro University of Pennsylvania , Indiana University of Pennsylvania , and Slippery Rock University  . Other articulation agreements are available for students to complete the Associate Degree and transfer to  Robert Morris University . See Articulation Agreements  for details.

It is important that students consult with a counselor early in their program to develop a course plan most appropriate for the school to which they intend to transfer.